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Search for the best security guard companies in Toronto and you’ll find the name Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. This is a company that exists to provide clients across the GTA with professional security guard services they can trust. Personal and private security is at the top of the list of things that matter to all people regardless of their socioeconomic status. Simply put, more and more residential, commercial and industrial clients are looking to put safety first when seeking to hire a highly-qualified security guard agency in Toronto.

Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. is already supplying security guard services to major clients in Toronto and its surrounding cities. We have a reputation for providing quality of service and staff. Our security guards aren’t low-skilled rent-a-cops whose only credibility is a crest on their uniform. At Duke’s Royal Guard Inc., we operate a team of highly trained and certified security guards possessing a broad cross section of security capabilities. We have security guards with martial arts training, handcuff and baton certified security guards with tactical experience, and close protection security guards who can be trusted to protect celebrities, diplomats, politicians and high profile public personalities. We also offer professional security guard services that are ideal for private and public social events like weddings, fundraisers, corporate and private parties and charitable fundraisers. Whether our staff is wearing formal attire that suits a special occasion or full tactical gear for high-level security situations, the guards from Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. deliver their responsibilities with professionalism and discretion. We can also provide top-level pick-up and delivery services for guests who require private, safe and secure transport.

There is no security job that we can’t handle. For public events, we provide Toronto’s best security guard services in terms of managing and monitoring crowds. Our guards can be stationed to check guests as they enter, to continuously monitor the grounds for anything out of the ordinary, to remove any dangerous threats without disrupting the event and to ensure no trespassers or event crashers make their way in. On industrial and commercial sites our security guards provide vigilant monitoring of people, traffic flow and valuable machinery. As concierge providers we are invaluable to property managers, and we ensure the ongoing safety of all residents, tenants, guests and customers. The truth is, Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. provides clients with more than just professional security guard services; we provide peace of mind and do so with the utmost respect for people.

All of our guards are trained to understand the importance of customer service. It’s one thing to put on a uniform and fulfill the responsibilities expected of a top-notch security professional. It’s quite another to put on the uniform and remain friendly, personable, helpful and polite to everyone encountered during the execution of those responsibilities. Many times hiring professional security guards is about optics; having a security guard on site can be a visual reminder that things are under control. More than that, a security guard is an authority figure who sets the standard for how to act in public. When you want security personnel that treat people in a professional, dignified manner, hire Duke’s Royal Guard Inc.

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