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In today’s social climate, providing personal security for you or people around you often means hiring private security. Just because you’re an accessible person doesn’t mean people should have access to you whenever they want, so it’s important to take action to protect yourself. When you need to hire a private security company in Toronto for personal security or to protect high-profile corporate executives, public officials, in-demand celebrities and even international diplomats, call Duke’s Royal Guard Inc.

Executive protection means putting measures in place to address any potential or immediate threat a client may face. At Duke’s Royal Guard Inc., we provide all our security guards with comprehensive training and official certification to ensure they’re the best in the business at offering clients peace of mind security. Whether it’s on the ground or on the road, our team can provide up close and personal escort service to any client looking for protection while moving through their daily activities. From famous actors and superstar musicians to professional athletes, high profile politicians and foreign diplomats, we have extensive experience in providing secure transport to and from airports, special events, public appearances and personal performances. For high-end clients looking to ensure the security of family members, we have even provided such personal escorting services as school pick up and drop off for children. Nothing is more important to us at Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. than ensuring all our clients are safe and secure.

Private securities companies are at their best when they can provide bodyguard services that don’t interfere with a client’s daily life. While a personal security guard’s visible presence is often important for optics to help deter unwanted individuals from approaching clients under protection, there are times where a more stealth arm-s length approach to personal security is necessary. At Duke’s Royal Guard Inc., our executive protection professionals are adept as accessing all situations and handling them with tactful, courteous service. Our team members are more than security guards: they’re also customer service professionals who understand the importance of treating people with respect.

Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. can develop a customized program of private security and executive protection to suit your needs. Whether you prefer male or female security personnel, plain clothes or full uniformed teams, trained guards with policing or military backgrounds, security teams with martial arts training, or even expert drivers in armored vehicles, we can provide it all – available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our guards will travel to meet your needs, provide you with route planning for your transportation requirements and deliver expert security services while mobile. From diplomatic protection services during periods of civic unrest to simple security at a private invite-only birthday party, no security job is too big or too small to have it handled by the best. Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. Prestigious. Professional. Proud.