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Private security for your private events is about protection – for your guests, and for your personal or company reputation when hosting them. When it comes to private event security companies in Toronto or throughout the GTA, Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. is the security company you want providing your event security services.

Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. is already supplying security guard services to major clients in Toronto and its surrounding cities. We have a reputation for providing quality of service and staff. Our security guards aren’t low-skilled rent-a-cops whose only credibility is a crest on their uniform. At Duke’s Royal Guard Inc., we operate a team of highly trained and certified security guards possessing a broad cross section of security capabilities. We have security guards with martial arts training, handcuff and baton certified security guards with tactical experience, and close protection security guards who can be trusted to protect celebrities, diplomats, politicians and high profile public personalities. We also offer professional security guard services that are ideal for private and public social events like weddings, fundraisers, corporate and private parties and charitable fundraisers. Whether our staff is wearing formal attire that suits a special occasion or full tactical gear for high-level security situations, the guards from Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. deliver their responsibilities with professionalism and discretion. We can also provide top-level pick-up and delivery services for guests who require private, safe and secure transport.

Any event involving a large number of invited guests, ticket holders or general public access requires event security guards who are professionally trained. Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. has built its reputation for stellar service by providing security to such large-scale events as Vaughan Pizza Fest, Hospice Vaughan, and Beer Fest, along with more intimate private functions such as weddings, stags, corporate events and even seasonal occasions like Christmas parties. Weddings and special occasion parties are celebratory events that can be easily ruined by a breach of security. Regardless of the size of your event, our security guards provide event security services that cover a broad gamut of accountabilities. These include point of entry services that administer thorough identification verification throughout your entire event, protection of gifts and vigilant monitoring of the crowd. Excessive alcohol consumption can be a spark that rapidly ignites, turning a pleasant crowd into an unruly mob. Our highly skilled and professionally trained event security guards can quickly assess the situation and eject unwanted patrons with little fanfare or disruption. We know how to deflate potentially dangerous situations that arise at events. In urban areas like Toronto, security checkpoint for metal detection and unobtrusive pat downs for weapons are commonplace, but not always handled with tactfulness and respect. Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. security guards are not only security experts; they’re also trained to deliver five-star customer service. This isn’t a team of cold military-style security whose very presence casts a pall over your event; our security guards are personable, professional and courteous in the execution of their security duties.

Indoors, outdoors or any combination of both, large events and private functions require private security that can deliver proactive protection for the entire time people are in attendance. The most important service we provide our customers with, however, is the essential planning necessary to prepare security measures for an event. Our services begin when we hold our first planning session with our client, evaluating the size and scope of your event. We analyze the security needs on paper and then follow that up with a full-scale site walkthrough to troubleshoot any potential problem areas. We plan every detail, leaving nothing to chance. Hoping for the best is what average event security companies do. At Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. we develop all the necessary contingency plans to ensure there are no surprises for you, your guests or our security guards. From black tie charity galas to private invite-only corporate events, consider us for all of your private security needs. Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. Prestigious. Professional. Proud.

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