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Construction site security isn’t about light theft, it’s about heavy steal: in fact, industry experts estimate losses from theft and vandalism at construction sites amount to nearly $1 billion annually. For construction security services in Toronto, contract Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. to help protect your job site.

It seems like Toronto is perpetually under construction, from high rises to highways. That means job sites across the city are often stocked with valuable building materials and expensive machinery regularly targeted by thieves. Sites are often fenced but rarely secured. Hiring construction security guards is just good business, especially when you hire them from Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. Our security teams can work round the clock to monitor your sites and protect your investments. Vandalism on construction sites is almost as costly as theft; vandals can leave a trail of destruction on a build that can set the project back weeks. Contracting the services of Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. helps eliminate those risks and prevent insurance claimable actions.

At Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. we work with clients to take proactive measures that help identify potential risks before our professional construction security guards are even deployed to the job. We start by developing a threat/risk assessment of the property where the construction will occur. We provide credible feedback to construction companies and the foreman tasked with leading the job, explaining the security procedures we feel should be put in place. That could mean 24-hour dispatch and monitoring programs, or simple things like erecting temporary fencing or putting valuables like copper under lock and key. We can also develop an effective layout for camera and signage installation to act as deterrents to potential thieves or trespassers.

All our actions are designed to help secure your site and ensure your safety measures are in proper compliance. No construction company likes to pay fines levied by site inspectors who spot major flaws in your safety and security standards. With proper construction security services on site, you can position guards at all entrances, develop and deliver point-of-entry protocols for drivers, contractors and monitor machinery arriving on site. Our guards have vast experience on construction sites, and can provide credible safety policy enforcement. Even small sites can benefit from have one or two guards patrol the grounds day and night, monitoring parking lots and securing access to the site. We can also provide Work Alone Safety on-site training for contractors and construction workers. For added protection, our security guards have emergency first aid and CPR training.

For the very best in construction site security services, call Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. Prestigious. Professional. Proud.