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To a corporation operating in today’s business climate, cyber security is required for all companies. Corporations are constantly being attacked by cyber security threats each day and these attacks are increasing each day. The losses a company can incur can be in the millions. That is why at Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. we are now providing cyber security services to help you stay protected digitally as well as physically.

Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. uses a 5-stage security strategy to help you stay protected. These stages are: baseline assessment, security policies & procedures, education, cyber security systems, and on-going maintenance. This strategy is on-going and needs to be constantly maintained to make sure you stay protected.

A baseline assessment needs to be our first stage to see where your corporation is vulnerable to attacks. This is known in the industry as a penetration test. This is essential done to make sure that all vulnerabilities are recorded and addressed.

Security policies and procedures need to be written to help protect your corporation, as well as provide guidelines on what to do when your corporation gets compromised from a cyber security attack. These policies and procedures are essential to your cyber security strategy.

Education is essential and on-going strategy. With cyber security attacks constantly changing and your corporation being attacked from all sides your entire team needs to be constantly trained and updated on current threats.

Cyber security systems are required to help protect your; data, systems, staff and you from potential attacks. These systems are in place to monitor, alert, notify and help you recover when there is an cyber security attack. Examples of a few of these systems are patch management, back-ups, anti-virus, anti-malware, and security monitoring software.

On-going maintenance is the last and most important stage to maintaining your cyber security strategy. With technologies constantly changing, companies updating their software and hackers coming out with new ways to compromise companies. It is important for your cyber security strategy to stay up to date and be maintained.

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