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Industrial security services have never been more necessary. Whether it’s activists who oppose the industry your company belongs to, thieves who target your materials or internal problems with staff who refuse to comply with procedures or safety protocols, the need to hire industrial security guards on industrial job sites is growing. This is a specialized type of security that requires a special type of industrial security provider; it requires Duke’s Royal Guard Inc.

Industrial security isn’t reserved only for large-scale manufacturing plants. Creative industries like film studios and production houses often require the presence of industrial security guard services to protect their buildings inside and out. The professionals at Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. have been deployed to all types of industrial job sites, providing warehouse security, security service for factories and other manufacturing facilities including food processing plants and distilleries. Our guards are fully trained and certified and ultimately qualified to provide you with Toronto’s best industrial security service. A team of security guards from Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. can be contracted to provide point of entry guard services that includes a guard booth with drawbridge arm to restrict access. They will keep thorough records of who goes in and out, conduct identification checks and complete necessary inspections of vehicles coming into your industrial area. Our guards will patrol perimeter fences in a constant and thorough manner; towers can also be installed to improve their vantage. There is no security measure we won’t take to fulfill our responsibility to protect your industrial site.

Video surveillance technology is both effective and covert, and it provides the ability for our guards to constantly monitor industrial facilities for suspicious or unsafe activity. Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. can also facilitate the installation of video services to ensure the security guards you are currently using are doing their job; nothing is more damaging to a company’s reputation than video that surfaces of a guard sleeping while a theft or industrial calamity is occurring.

Reducing and eliminating the threat of materials being stolen is a critical part of our industrial site security. Stolen equipment can shut down your job site, costing your company money and grinding production to a halt. It can also result in added insurance costs. Hiring a premium industrial security guard company like Duke’s Royal Guard Inc.. is a proactive insurance policy to protect your assets. Our guards can produce thorough incident reports, help troubleshoot areas that are in need of repair, install safes and safety fencing for industrial construction sites and so much more. Let Buckingham Palace have their motionless guards. When you’re a security guard in a Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. uniform, you’re constantly in motion providing real security. That’s what industrial sites need, and that’s what we provide.

For the very best in industrial site security services, call Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. Prestigious. Professional. Proud.