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When you are considering your options for commercial security, you only have to watch footage from Black Friday rampages through unprepared retail outlets to understand the need for well-trained commercial security guards. Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. can provide premium commercial security services including fully-functioning security teams for all types of industries; 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week/ 365 days a year.

Retail outlets need commercial security services more than ever before. Shoplifting in North America costs retailers more than $10 billion a year. The costs associated with retail crime get passed along to consumers – recent stats show such costs amount to over $200 per Canadian household annually. Juveniles account for approximately 25 to 50 percent of the offences; however, men and women equally, as well as housewives, grandparents, transients and even celebrities and public figures are capable of shoplifting regardless of socioeconomic status. Remember Lindsay Lohan, Winona Ryder, or Parti Québécois government house leader Claude Charron? All were charged with shoplifting crimes that could have been prevented with proper security.

Businesses and retail outlets that provide late night or overnight services are prime candidates for the services provided by a professional commercial security company like Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. Having commercial security service teams patrol the grounds of your operation both inside and out not only reduces inventory losses and potential criminal activity but also helps reduce your insurance costs. Another important service provided by professional security guards working in large, densely populated retail spaces is taking proactive measures to ensure crowds are civil and respectful. Security guards can help disperse large groups of minors who may be loitering in mall spaces for long periods of time, or help support retail staff who may be encountering difficult or combative patrons. Knowing how to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations in crowded retail outlets is just one of the skills a highly competent security guard will possess.

At Duke’s Royal Guard Inc., we provide comprehensive training to all security personnel designed to prepare anyone who puts on our uniform for all kinds of different security roles. Whether you are operating a pharmacy, grocery and wine boutique, jewelry store or a new medical marijuana dispensary, our teams will offer you both top notch commercial security and professional customer service. It’s not enough to simply be an acutely aware commercial security guard; you have to be able to treat all customers with dignity and respect while fulfilling your day-to-day job responsibilities.

For retail plazas, hospitals, large malls and high-rise retail towers with multiple business tenants, providing commercial security services is a requisite cost of managing property. In large urban centres like Toronto, providing commercial security to tenants is an expected service. From theft prevention to ensuring the safety of merchandise to helping reduce five-finger discounts during busy retail seasons like Valentine’s Day and Christmas, our commercial security service is second to none. Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. Prestigious. Professional. Proud. (492)