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To a corporation operating in today’s business climate, corporate security on the ground is still just as important as cyber security online. From a corporate perspective, physical threats can be just as damaging as digital threats. However, not all on-the-ground corporate security companies are created equal. At Duke’s Royal Guard Inc., we provide a comprehensive menu of top notch corporate security services for a wide variety of clients.

Hotel security, bank security and office/commercial building security are just a few areas where the expertly trained staff from Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. can help protect your corporation from risk. All our guards have received official security guard training and are fully licensed by the province of Ontario. As professional security guards, they are taught to strictly comply with our company’s code of conduct at all times. This means they are equally competent in proper use of security techniques, as they are in delivering a professional customer experience when tense or confrontational situations arise. Our security team can offer such complimentary services as secure transport, staffing of security booths, and point of entry security that includes use of metal detectors. We also have security guards on staff that possesses use of force training, as well as handcuff and baton certifications. Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. can formulate a custom team of security guards to meet your company’s special needs.

Developing a security plan for your corporate location is another important aspect of the services provided by Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. We’ll ensure ample signage is installed throughout your corporate space to give notice of security patrolling and promote awareness of our 24-hour dispatch line. We offer every client our complimentary basic threat assessment survey, which is designed to identify any potential safety threats or security deficiencies. We also provide detailed computerized reports and activity summaries through a real-time client login center. In addition, our experience as a premium corporate security company means we can provide a broader spectrum of security services for the corporate sector when compared to typical security companies. Our guards patrol round the clock, floor by floor, inside and outside of your business complex, identifying and recording the problems. From stairwells to underground and outdoor parking lots, our ground patrol regime is thorough and consistent, providing you with peace of mind knowing your corporation’s property is being well protected.

At Duke’s Royal Guard Inc., we also support our security guards with frequent site visits from security management, to ensure security protocols are being maintained to the highest standard. From front desk and lobby security guard services to security escorts for corporate staff to and from vehicles, our security guards provide the best corporate security services available today. Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. Prestigious. Professional. Proud.