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Expect more from your concierge service Toronto! With Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. at your service, you’ll reap the benefits that only a truly professional concierge service can provide. The primary mission of a professional concierge is to reduce property owner liabilities. This is done by proactively identifying problems that, if not dealt with expediently and in proper fashion, could turn into tenant complaints. A well-established concierge Toronto operation understands the unique challenges facing property owners managing residencies in Canada’s most populous city. Contract Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. to provide concierge services and they will deploy a team of versatile professionals who are not only well-trained guards but also exceptionally gifted customer service providers. No tenant wants what appears to be an occupying force providing security around their residence or business; instead, they want a team of customer-friendly service providers who make them feel safe, respected and appreciated. Optics are everything when it comes to the manner in which security-minded concierge staff handle themselves, and Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. employees have earned their reputation for professionalism at multiple properties across the 416 and beyond the 905!

Whether you require concierge services for condominiums, apartment complexes, residential complexes or business properties, Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. can provide customized concierge programs to satisfy your needs. Our guards are trained in both porter service and emergency procedures in the event such circumstances arise – either as the result of internal or external calamities. Before they are directed to serve as part of a concierge Toronto team, our staff undergoes strict training to prepare them for any and all circumstances that might arise while on watch. They are also given comprehensive customer service training to heighten their sensitivities to interpersonal communications. People skills are as vitally important to a successful concierge as the security training they receive. This is because the majority of their responsibilities and time will be spent addressing non-security related issues. As a result, Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. employees have a well-crafted balance of right-brain/left-brain sensibilities. They are personable and approachable when dealing with the day-to-day responsibilities of serving as a concierge, but can quickly become all business when issues related to security arise. That’s the peace of mind you want when hiring a professional concierge service provider in Toronto and the service you expect from a security company.

Improved safety and security of the operation around your building is of paramount importance. Residents and tenants want to know they can count on their concierge service to keep unauthorized personnel from entering the property. At Duke’s Royal Guard Inc., we guarantee our work, which is why we maintain liability insurance far beyond the industry standard. We stand behind our work, our staff and our reputation. Regardless of the type of property you own, when you require professional concierge services that go above and beyond standard protocols, consider hiring Toronto’s best. Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. Prestigious. Professional. Proud.

VIP Concierge service

In a world-class city like Toronto, providing VIP concierge services at your condo, residence or business is almost a necessity if you want to attract international clientele. Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. understands the importance of first impressions, and offering a first class VIP concierge service in Toronto, speaks volumes about how you want to treat your guests and tenants.

Our fully-uniformed, customer service providers display the utmost professionalism when delivering VIP concierge services, accommodating and assisting VIP guests upon arrival and departure or through the provision of other related services. This is more than just a security team; this is a VIP service that puts people first, catering to their individual needs while on your property.

VIPs, people with high visibility in the community, sports and entertainment personalities and high profile public servants look to concierge services to help them avoid public situations that could put them at risk of being confronted or inconvenienced. This is especially true when VIPs are faced with situations where they’re simply trying to enter or leave a building without drawing attention. It’s vitally important for a professional concierge service to respect a person’s right to anonymity while treating everyone equally. A balanced approach to dealing with people is a quality developed in all our staff through the extensive training provided at Duke’s Royal Guard Inc.

Residential Concierge Services

Your home is your castle. If history has taught us anything it’s that castles need security for occupants to feel safe. As a professional building concierge service provider, we do more than secure your property. At Duke’s Royal Guard Inc., we provide your tenants with five-star customer service day and night.

Whether you need apartment concierge services or residential concierge services in a private complex, the security staff from Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. deliver on a full spectrum of responsibilities as needed. From simple courtesy duties like loading and unloading cars to facility-related duties like checking pool and hot tub temperatures, our Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. employees are more than just a constant security presence; they also help provide a sense of community to your building. Our staff are dressed in formal attire that gives them an air of authority that’s still approachable and appealing to residents. They make people feel safe and appreciated, not like they’re being constantly monitored by police presence

As the result of our extensive training program, the staff at Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. also possesses a variety of other capabilities; including fire panel training, elevator operation and security, alarm activation, emergency first aid and CPR training. As your concierge providers, our staff will adhere and comply with the policies and procedures of your condo to ensure your residents feel safe, secure and respected.

Corporate concierge services

Professional business concierge services require staff with a full understanding of both the business they’re serving and the type of clients that business is catering to. Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. we provide comprehensive business concierge services for a broad range of business clients.

Our professionally trained guards combine five-star customer service with expert security capabilities to provide business clients with Toronto’s best concierge. We begin by building relationships with both property managers and tenants. This not only allows us to understand the needs of both. but it also helps lead to more consistent service and low tenant turnover.

Ensuring a safe and secure environment is always a primary concern for Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. staff; however, through our extensive training program our staff can also contribute by providing other helpful services. When it comes to overseeing shipping and delivery, our staff can help guarantee packages are delivered directly to tenants. Access control on the premises can also be coordinated by our staff. Some examples include: signing visitors in and out of the building, tracking vehicle license plates to monitor parking lot access and thorough incident reporting. It’s this comprehensive approach to concierge services that makes Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. the preferred choice for business concierge service.